Explore an island idyll where modern life thrives in a historic location

Separated from the mainland by a causeway covered by sea at high water, St Michael's Mount beats to a pace of life ruled by weather and tides. Yet this is no dusty museum or dormant relic of a past life. Lapped by crystal waters or lashed by winter storms, the craggy island is home to a living island community.

In its heyday as a busy port the island population swelled to three hundred. In the present day it is small motorboats that come and go, and the seafront cottages are still home to more than thirty islanders, whose jobs range from boatman to gardener, guide to handyman.

Step ashore at the harbour-side village that is a hive of activity every day. Witness life through the eyes of the islanders: roam the paths to the peak of the granite outcrop, gaze at views to the western and southern tips of Cornwall, spot dolphins and marine life, and soak up the spiritual energy of a landmark that lies on one of Britain's most prominent ley lines.