Artist Collaboration with Cornwall College

15 August 2017

A collaboration between the Retail Team on St Michael's Mount and Cornwall College has produced a collection of artwork, inspired by the island, by students Sarah Cooling, Josh Harris and Toni Mason. 

Over the last few years, the retail team at St Michael’s Mount has worked alongside local artists and designers to develop bespoke products that capture our unique tidal island. However, with an exciting venture in the pipeline, the team’s ambition to support and develop a creative project working with emerging artists and designer makers from Cornwall came to life.

We were keen to work with students so that we were actively supporting the creative talent in the county. This ambition led us to the amazing team at Cornwall College led by Jamie Hanson HE Team Lead (Arts & Media). We worked with Jamie to produce a brief for the students that asked them to create inspirational imagery that has a subliminal link to the island.

The idea was that this brief would eventuate in a collection of images that would be used to form a coherent range of prints, that could then be sold in the island shops and also on the e-commerce site. The students were invited to the island for a special tour to research the castle, village, harbour and garden, and truly encounter the visitor experience of St Michael’s Mount.

Encouraged to use a variety of media, with a focus on the Mount that may not always be captured, the Cornwall College students submitted an array of wonderful work including, prints, etchings, paintings, drawings, illustrations, photographs, and software generated artwork that drew inspiration from the island and narrated a story they wanted to communicate.

Our retail team undertook the final stage of selecting the work of three students that would create each artists’ individual collection of A3 and A4 framed and unframed prints, greeting cards and notebooks. Though it was a difficult task, the work of Sarah Cooling, Josh Harris and Toni Mason, caught our eye and capturing inspired artwork drawn from St Michael’s Mount. The project has resulted in an amazing array of art that has taken pride of place in the Courtyard Shop.

We very much look forward to continuing and developing links with the college and our commitment to Cornish based artists.

Shirley Hosking, St Michael’s Mount Retail Manager

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