St Michael's Mount opens for it's 2015 Summer Season

09 March 2015

Opening Sunday 15 March for 2015 season.

From ancient cobbles to castle walls, through time and tide St Michael’s Mount is beckoning.

This season come and uncover stories of harbour, legend and family home.  Hear the islanders’ tales and unearth a history that lives on in every step.  From digging into the history of the village and harbour life during summer, to the conservation of the castle through autumn and the development of the cliff-side gardens through spring.

Over the coming months, the island will come alive with activity, kicking off with the annual Cadbury Easter Egg Trail (3, 5, 6 April) where being an Eggsplorer for the day and hunting out clues around the village and harbour will lead to a delicious prize.

Our gardens open from 20 April and Spring will see a spotlight put on St Michael’s Mount unique sub-tropical terraced gardens, where abundant blooms and exotic plants have thrived since 1780. Weave through garden terraces bursting with colour. Breathe in the sea air, scented with springtime blossom or summer herbs. Peer from the battlements at the garden terraces stepping down to the sea.

Visitors will have the unique chance to experience life beyond the castle walls and Meet one of the Gardening Team, including new Head Gardener Lottie Allen.  Learn what our four stong team do day-to-day and hear about the garden’s history and current design.  There will also be the opportunity to watch the team in action as they ‘Cliff Climb’ – abseiling above the garden, planting and weeding as they go. Garden Talks will run daily at 1pm every day from 20th April until the end of June – for Cliff Climbing please keep checking the website for dates and times.

A Garden in a Castle Festival in May will bring the glories of the Mount’s subtropical planting into the castle itself, curated by our gardening team and local florists with displays and plantings that will reflect the gardens’ plantings within the castle walls and terraces.

Village Tours: With 30 islanders calling the village their home, the Mount is a living, breathing community. Even before the first boats come and go from the harbour, the village springs to life – school children gathering to travel to the mainland, goods being loaded onto the quayside and islanders preparing for the jobs the day will bring. Everyone who lives on the island plays their part.  Boatman, mechanic, guide, gardener or fire officer – the islanders work together to keep everything running smoothly. 

Hear about the families that call the Mount home, explore the buildings that have played many roles in the village’s history and discover what life here today is really like. Tours take place every day at 11am and 2pm

Storytelling: Alongside tall tales of our legendary Cornish giant, new for this season will be nautical tales telling of a mythical Mount boatman. Listen to the history of the Mount told through the words of a Storyteller who, during one of his childhood visits, met an old Boatman. This mythical Boatman has been on the island since the dawn of time and tells the Storyteller everything that he has seen and heard over thousands of years; from the “Grey Rock in the Woods” to the vision of St Michael; from the first sighting of the Spanish Armada to the footprint left by Queen Victoria on the harbour cobbles. 

See our What's On section for details and times of all our events.