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Brown Crab Tartine Recipe - Sail Loft Kitchen

Make your own Brown Crab Tartine at home - a light and fresh open-faced sandwich perfect for a spring or summer lunch enjoyed under the suns rays.

Tartine is French for “a slice of bread” and is traditionally adorned with spreadable delicacies. This could also be adapted to make a light starter or even a canape for your summer soirees. We finish the tartine’s with a drizzle of wild garlic oil, nasturtium, parsley and chervil but honestly, any of your favourite herbs will marry well with this


Brown crab mayonnaise

(Makes enough for 6)

225g brown crab meat
125g homemade mayonnaise or Tracklements mayonnaise
The rind of half a lemon
A good squeeze of lemon juice
7g tarragon
7g dill
5g chervil
10g flat leaf parsley
Salt and pepper to taste

Everything else

Thick slices of good sourdough cob or homemade bread
Picked White crab meat
Herb oil


Taking care not to bruise the herbs, chop finely and add to a mixing bowl, add the crab and mayonnaise. Grate the lemon over the bowl catching the rind and essential oils, juice half the lemon and mix thoroughly. Adjust the seasoning to taste and a set-aside.

Slice the cob thickly and toast on both sides, slather the crab mayonnaise over one side of the toasted bread and adorn with the white crab meat, don’t be stingy. Season lightly and top with herbs and a drizzle of herb oil. Serve with a smile and maybe a herb salad.