Castle in the Sea by Seawitch Candles

05 April 2017

Being made in Cornwall it seemed only natural our first range should have a coastal theme. I wanted them to have a maritime feel with simple clean packaging and a label which reflected the name Seawitch. I love burning candles and have made soy wax candles myself for personal use at home for a few years now, which inspired me to create blends of oils for a candle range which reminds people of the stunning coast line, beautiful countryside and prestigious landmarks they have experienced.

Seawitch is another name for a mermaid, and ties in with the name of my shop, ' Seawitch Stores', in Mousehole. This was inspired by a story my grandmother used to tell me about a 'seawitch' who owned a shop in a cave at the bottom of the ocean, who would help sailors out with essentials should they be in need. My brother who is a Penzance based illustrator (Joseph Mason Illustration) created a mermaid design for our logo, and a classic art deco scallop shell background for our labels with a font that complimented this style.

We use 100% soy wax which is eco-friendly, renewable and sustainable, and with the absence of paraffin means that our candles are non-toxic and bio degradable. We also utilise fragrance oils that provide an intense scent. The use of glass jars and two wicks make the candle aesthetically pleasing when burning.

My partner, Richard, and I were inspired to create a St Michael’s Mount candle as it holds such a special place in our hearts as it was where we first met and fell in love during the summer of 1997. In the years that followed I spent time working as a castle guide and this experience has proved invaluable in developing the fragrance notes of our ‘Castle in the Sea’ candle, that was inspired by the island.

As I had spent time working as a castle guide, I used my memories of that experience to create the candle. I chose the earthy, musky smell of the leather-bound books in the library, the freshness of the heady bouquet of flowers on display in the Blue Drawing room, the warm, comforting, almost exotic resin scent you get from wooden furniture basking in sunshine, and the beautiful summery floral notes of lavender and lilies which waft up to the battlements from the gardens below. To me, this all adds up to a very sophisticated combination that captures and fits the Mount perfectly. 

Danielle Hockin, Seawitch Candles

This 'Castle in the Sea' is exclusive to St Michael's Mount and is available in the Courtyard Shop.