The island is now closed for the winter. Information regarding tickets and opening times for next year will be updated as and when that information is available.



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2019 Summer Photography Competition

POSTED 01 July 2019

Island Life - Richard James and the Visitor Expereince

POSTED 25 January 2019

Island Life - Jennifer Tredinnick and Storytelling on the Mount

POSTED 29 March 2018

Our #livingcastle photography competition winners are revealed

POSTED 17 November 2016

Climbing the Mount (Everest!) - All in a Season’s Work for our Castle Guides

POSTED 18 August 2016

Photo Competition #livingcastle

POSTED 16 August 2016

Living Castle Season

POSTED 18 August 2016

Treasure Hunt - The Tidal Clock

POSTED 10 June 2016

Treasure Hunt - The Lantern Cross

POSTED 12 May 2016