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Civil War Watchtower

The Watchtower was an important feature of the overall defences of the castle during the English Civil War period.

At the outbreak of war the castle was under the ownership of Sir Francis Bassett, a staunch royalist. Bassett built all of the civil war defences on the island at great personal sacrifice; employing twelve soldiers and a gunner at his own expense before King Charles increased the garrison to fifty men. The castle was an impregnable fortress and the import of weapons from France in lieu of payment for tin being exported from the island harbour meant that the Mount was invaluable to the King.

In recent years the watchtower has become a quiet footnote of this important chapter in the island’s history, rather overgrown and deemed unsafe for visitors to view up close. The decision to highlight this remarkable military vantage point has been welcomed by all and the recent restoration and subsequent viewing platform ensures that the watchtower will now be enjoyed for generations to come.

The watchtower is positioned on the right hand side of the path as you reach the summit of the Mount. It affords amazing views across to Marazion and is a good to point to rest and appreciate the views, before the final climb to the castle.