Sail Loft Kitchen Garden

19 May 2016

For more than two years the Sail Loft kitchen garden has fallen prey to abandonment and hasn't seen its full potential realised. This year we've decided to clear the weeds, tidy the gangways and take it upon ourselves to reignite the old garden. Due to the obvious constraints of working on an island, it makes sense to have a kitchen garden that can supply the restaurants with fresh herbs and vegetables at a moments notice.

This also allows a closer connection with the ethos and branding of all catering outlets on St Michael's Mount, that of local, seasonal and sustainable. This reflects kindly on the quality and freshness of our produce but also gives us as chef's a deeper understanding and respect for the produce we use. Ultimately we aim to expand this project with the help of Lottie Allen (Head Gardener) and her gardening team into a thriving kitchen garden growing a large portion of the vegetables and herbs we need for the season. This year is an experiment to see whether we can maintain not only our kitchen but the garden too, a modest beginning with an ambitious future.

This season will mainly focus on growing hardy biannual and annual herbs such as tarragon, thyme, flat leaf parsley, dill to name a few. All herbs that work fantastically with seafood. We are all excited to see this project thrive and hopefully it can repay our hard work with beautiful produce on our doorstep, a truly local endeavour. Big shout out to my main men Alex Bennetts and Scott James, our green fingered sous chef's for being pumped on this project. 

Words by Greg Milne, Head Chef, Sail Loft