St Michael’s Mount Garden Open 20 April

13 April 2015

For many of our visitors it is astonishing that a garden exists here, but despite the gales and salty winds, the Gulf Stream tempers the climate so that frosts are a rarity and the rock acts as a gigantic radiator – absorbing heat by day and releasing it at night, creating a micro climate in which all sorts of unlikely plants flourish.

Since starting on the Mount in September the Garden team and I have been busy planning for the day of reckoning, aka the day the Garden opens in 2015, Monday 20th April.  Preparations have involved removing hedges from around the Cemetery, clearing and then replanting the Middle Walled Garden to a very different design, laying a grass protection system on newly turfed and seeded areas as well as adding numerous plants according to the designs of our garden designer, Michael Harvey.  The winter has been kind to us but the plants themselves have given us a few challenges, not least the Puya chilensis above the East Terraces which we had to remove because it was slowly pulling away from the rockface.  As its name suggests Puya chilensis originates from Chile and as a terrestrial bromeliad it forms large, dense rosettes of grey-green, strap-like leaves edged with hooked spines.  Fortunately Kernow Maintenance roped up and tackled this monster, as we gathered the debris – the result is a new planting opportunity as well as many torn waterproofs and scratched bodies!  The other Puya chilensis, close to the Garden Entrance, has three flower spikes this season – like its counterpart, it’s best admired from a distance!

Plant Sales has opened with echiums, geraniums, sempervirens and echeverias now for sale with more plants being brought on by the team on the Mount including euryops, lithodora and salvia.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful gardens this season and for further information on our gardens, including opening times, click here.

By Lottie Allen, Head Gardener