Bespoke range of product inspired by the garden of St Michael's Mount

11 August 2015

A bespoke stationery range that draws inspiration from the gardens of St Michael’s Mount

The Illustrated Garden was developed over twelve months, in partnership with local graphic designers Design by Channel.                                                                  

“We were asked to look at creating a range inspired by the beautiful gardens. It was noticed early on, that we needed to create something unique in order for it to stand out from many other ‘garden ranges’ and ultimately give the range a point of difference.

The gardens are primarily intended to be viewed from above and this formed the theme behind the design work. We were given a list of key species by Lottie Allen, St Michael’s Mount Head Gardener, that are particularly special, even unique to the Mount, and set about researching upcoming trends, illustration styles and colour trends that reflected the gardens as a bright and happy place to visit. 

We ended up creating a series of intricate illustrations that captured the ‘viewed from above’ theme, in a structured pattern with a relaxed friendly feel. We hope that from seeing the range other people will be inspired to visit the gardens in the flesh.

We look forward to seeing how these new products are received and are looking forward to extending the range in the future.”

- Emma Holmes, Design By Channel

So far in the collection there is a trio of notepads, fridge list notes, and an A6 notebook.

The Illustrated Garden range is available to purchase in The Island Shop. It is also available via our Online Shop.