The Castle

What these walls have seen…

The clash of the portcullis and the hatching of plans in the study, the tolling of bells in the ancient priory and the hustle and bustle of the servants’ quarters. With shades of the past in every room and new discoveries waiting around every corner, dig deep into the Mount’s history, experience a different kind of family home or simply let your imagination run wild.

Castle itinerary

Stoop through ancient doorways and glimpse the castle’s changing faces – from priory to fort, iconic castle to family home. Wander century-old corridors and unravel the history of the St Aubyn family, who have lived here since the 17th century. Discover treasures from the Mount’s past, from religious roots to times of siege and conflict. Where will your journey take you?

For kids

A hunt for a giant’s stone heart, the armour of a samurai warrior, a mummified cat and a real life castle waiting to be discovered. Watch young minds race as our island guides tell tales of history, legend and a living, breathing island. Take our castle quiz as a family and let your little ones’ curiosity engage them, as they learn what makes this castle so special.

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