Head Gardener Tours with Darren Little

9th, 16th & 23rd September

Explore the garden of St Michael's Mount with Head Gardener, Darren Little

Despite the salt air, storm-force winds, thin soils and occasional damp pockets fed by natural springs, the garden is exposed to a fantastic amount of light both directly from the sun and also from rays reflected off the water below. Frosts are unusual on the island due to the mother rock of the Mount which absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night which, coupled with the surrounding salt air and winds, keep the succulent population from freezing and allow the plant community to not only live but thrive on this tiny island of treasures.

Find out more about how our sub-tropical garden is maintained by the Garden Team and join our head gardener, Darren, for a private tour in the garden of St Michael’s Mount. Following the tour enjoy a delicious lunch at the Island Café.


Wednesday 9th September, 12.00PM - 2.00PM

Wednesday 16th September, 12.00PM - 2.00PM

Wednesday 23rd September, 12.00PM - 2.00PM