Summer on St Michael's Mount

Monday 29 July - Wednesday 4 September 2019

Inspired by stories and life on the Mount, both past and present, join a crafty hub of activity and make your own treasure to take home.

WHEN: Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Monday 29 July - Wednesday 4 September

WHERE: Garden Lawn

COST: Free with admission

Tall Stories of the Castle
Every Monday, 11.00 - 16.00

No story on the Mount is complete without a mention of our very own Cormoran the Giant. Model your own giant's head using clay and natural materials - will your giant have a moustache, large hairy ears, be friendly or fierce? We can’t wait to see!

Leave your footprint on the island. Royalty, giants, a saint, monks and pilgrims have all left their mark on the mount - now it's your turn. Take off your shoes and follow in their footsteps, leaving your mark behind too!

Cannons and Catapults - make your own mini catapult and test your aim on our fleet of ships. 

The St Aubyn family have lived on the island for hundreds of years, and when you visit the castle, you will see their decorative coat of arms. Take inspiration from their design to create your own - whether you use snakes and birds or lions and roses. 

Myths and Legends of the Sea
Every Tuesday, 11.00 - 16.00

As you may know, many boats and ships have visited these shores for centuries - some friendly, some not! At one point in time, you could walk the width on the harbour, going from boat to boat, without touching the water once! 

Make your own reed boat, that we are sure will be able to sail the Seven Seas...or perhaps a rockpool or two.

Mythical mermaids were also said to be spotted around the island, with tales told of seafarers being lured onto the rocks by them. Use your imagination to create an underwater world using seashore treasures and maybe you can capture a mermaid or two swimming in your seascape.  

You will also have a chance to make your own willow fish on a stick or design your own nautical flag on a natural calico fabric. Each activity is connected to the Mount stories that our band of storytellers perform every day during the school holidays. 

Garden Magic on the Mount
Every Wednesday, 11.00 - 16.00

Celebrate the colours that spring brings to the Mount's unique garden. Investigate the glorious patterns and shapes of the succulents through our garden kaleidoscope, create naturally inspired giant mandalas, and collect colours on your flag from the leaves using the art of Hapa Zome.

Treasure Island activities are delivered by our partner, Great Scott! Adventures Outdoors