Puya and agave rear out of the bedrock, agapanthuses wave their heavy heads, and binding threads of rosemary, lavender and coronilla tumble down the terraces. Come and experience life beyond the castle walls...

Stroll among the steep, sloping terraces and you’ll spot all manner of unlikely plants, which thrive in this curiously mild microclimate. Despite the gales and salty winds that you’d expect here, frosts are a rarity and the rock acts as a gigantic radiator – absorbing heat by day and releasing it at night.

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To visit the garden, you’ll need to book a ticket online. This ticket will give you access to the island itself, the garden terraces and walled garden, and the shops, cafes, and lawns. If you’d also like to visit the castle, you’ll need to book a combi ticket, which will give you access to the garden and historic castle.