National Trust

​Preserving St Michael's Mount for future generations

The National Trust is an independent charity that raises revenue to safeguard the future of its properties and landmarks. Relying on membership fees, donations and entry fees, the Trust protects around 350 historic sites across the country, which it opens to the public.

With more than 3.5 million members now onboard, the National Trust also cares for forests, woods, beaches, downs, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves and villages.

Who looks after St Michael's Mount?

The simple answer is that the Mount is managed by both the National Trust and the St Aubyn family, working together. This unique partnership supports the Mount's vibrant island community, continuing a remarkable legacy of life and activity which has existed since prehistoric times.

The National Trust has owned most of the island and the causeway since 1954, and is responsible for its conservation and upkeep. This resulted from a gift by the St Aubyn family, who have lived in the castle since the 1650s and still do so today. They run the Mount day to day and open it to the public, welcoming you to discover their extraordinary island home.

In 2014, the 60th anniversary of the unique partnership between the National Trust and St Aubyn Family, was commemorated with a spectacular firework display that filled the skies and could be seen for miles around Mount's Bay.