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The Garden Terraces - closed

​The garden on St Michael’s Mount is now closed for the 2023 season.

The private gardens on St Michael’s Mount were built in 1887 for a family of 11. This year just shy of 150,000 visitors have been welcomed into the gardens on St Michael’s Mount, including many National Trust visitors. The gardens have never been open for the same amount of months as the castle.

The castle is robust, the gardens are fragile and therefore have restricted opening times.  To mitigate this, the gardens have been designed to be seen from above as well as from within and the view from the battlements shows some of their beauty.

The inevitable wear and tear, from so many pairs of feet, on the steep paths, narrow terraces and above all on the grass necessitates a closed period for the gardening team’s skilled attention.

The cliff faces will be abseiled down and cleared of bracken and weeds.The grass paths, now bare earth, will be aereated and re-turfed or seeded whilst the ground is still warm. Dry stone walls will be repaired.   Autumn horticultural jobs will be undertaken in the narrow, terraced borders.

The gardens will open again mid April 2024 on special days for local charity and community groups as well as local horticultural groups. Then 5 days a week (Mon- Fri) from 01 May - 30 August.

East Terrace on St Michael's Mount