Winter on St Michael's Mount

November/December 2021

Take a journey of discovery from sea level to summit. Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims and a legendary giant, explore the ancient harbour village, climb the cobbled path and ascend to the castle at the top of the island.

Stoop through ancient doorways and glimpse the building’s changing faces – from priory to fortified castle and, since the mid-1600s, home to the St Aubyn family who still live here today. Discover imposing, historic battlements, cannons fired in Napoleonic wars and spectacular views across the bay. Try a new menu of winter warmers in the Sail Loft café and enjoy a spot of Christmas shopping in our exclusive St Michael’s Mount Shop.

Book castle tickets

Access to the harbour village, shops and cafe is free on the days that we are open until 23rd December and no tickets are required – just pop over!

Assistance dogs only please.

Getting here

When the sea retreats and the tide is low, walk to the island across our ancient, cobbled causeway. Opening times are listed below.

Please note: Boats do not operate in the winter months. If bad weather is forecast, please check the Mount's social media platforms and website for updates about opening times.  Bad weather may result in the late opening of the causeway or the closure of the island. Last admissions to the castle will be one hour before the causeway closes

Opening times

Wednesday 3 November 8.30am11.45am
Thursday 4 November8.30am12.35pm
Friday 5 November8.45am1.20pm
Monday 8 November11.05am3.30pm
Tuesday 9 November12.05pm4.15pm
Wednesday 10 November1.15pm4:30pm
Wednesday 17 November8.30am11.40am
Thursday 18 November8.30am12.20pm
Friday 19 November8.55am12.55pm
Monday 22 November10.35am2.35pm
Tuesday 23 November11.15am3:00pm
Wednesday 24 November12:00pm3.30pm
Thursday 25 November12.55pm4.05pm
Friday 26 November2:00pm4.30pm
Friday 3 December8.30am12.10pm
Monday 6 December10.05am2.35pm
Tuesday 7 December10.55am3.25pm
Wednesday 8 December11.55pm4.10pm
Thursday 9 December1:00pm4.30pm
Friday 10 December2.10pm4:30pm
Friday 17 December8.30am11.45pm
Monday 20 December9.45am1.45pm
Tuesday 21 December10.20am2.20pm
Wednesday 22 December11am2.55pm
Thursday 23 December11.40am3.30pm
3 November 8.30am11.45am
4 November8.30am12.35pm
5 November8.45am1.20pm
8 November11.05am3.30pm
9 November12.05pm4.15pm
10 November1.15pm4:30pm
17 November8.30am11.40am
18 November8.30am12.20pm
19 November8.55am12.55pm
22 November10.35am2.35pm
23 November11.15am3:00pm
24 November12:00pm3.30pm
25 November12.55pm4.05pm
26 November2:00pm4.45pm
2 December8.30am11:10am
3 December8.30am12.10am
6 December10.05am2.35pm
7 December10.55am3.25pm
8 December11.55am4.10pm
9 December1:00pm4.30pm
10 December2.10pm5:00pm
17 December8.30am11.45am
20 December9.45am1.45pm
21 December10.20am2.20pm
22 December11:00am2.55pm
23 December11.40am3.30pm