The Gardens

Explore the unexpected...

For many of our visitors it is astonishing that a garden exists here, but despite the gales and salty winds, the Gulf Stream tempers the climate so that frosts are a rarity and the rock acts as a gigantic radiator – absorbing heat by day and releasing it at night, creating a micro climate in which all sorts of unlikely plants flourish.

Puya, agave and aloe rear out of the bedrock, agapanthus wave their heavy heads, and binding threads of rosemary, lavender and coronilla tumble down the terraces. Come and experience life beyond the castle walls...

Developing the gardens

Worn stone walls harbouring a multitude of succulents, towering rocks rearing up above you with granite ledges bursting with colour. Our gardens might be rooted in history, but they are full of vitality and life. Discover their unique past and how our gardening team maintains and refreshes the gardens today.

The gardens trail

Make your own journey of discovery through the winding pathways and steep stone terraces and unearth some of the Mount’s surprises along the way.