History & Legends

Explore an endless tale….

Open your eyes and ears to the stories that rise on the tide. Cormoran the Giant. Pilgrims from far and wide. Civil War soldiers. Fishermen. Whose words will you hear as you step ashore?  

Peel back the layers of our island’s past

Pilgrims’ bare feet padding across the causeway. Soldiers’ heavy leather boots racing up to the battlements during the Wars of the Roses. The chant of monks’ prayer in the priory. The smell of canon gunpowder in the air. The thud of butter churning in the dairy. Champagne corks popping with the turn of each passing year, and laughter ringing out in the halls.

Stride into the Mount’s past and unearth a rich vein of history that flows from prehistoric times.

Taste four centuries of family life on the island as you unravel the history of the St Aubyns, glimpse the Mount’s changing faces, travel from monastery to fort, to iconic castle.

Step into a world of whispers and hearsay

The Mount has inspired storytellers through the ages – sharing tales of magic, myth and mystery. Giants, mermaids, miracles and more have all left their imprint. All you have to do is set foot on the island, look and listen. Who knows what you’ll discover?