Island Life

A life like no other…

With 30 islanders calling the village their home, the Mount is a living, breathing community. Even before the first boats come and go from the harbour, the village springs to life – school children gathering to travel to the mainland, goods being loaded onto the quayside and islanders preparing for the jobs the day will bring.

Everyone who lives on the island plays their part. Boatman, mechanic, guide, gardener or fire officer – the islanders work together to keep everything running smoothly. 

The spirit of the island

As well as working together, the families that live here are friends, getting together to socialise, celebrate and make the most of their unique home. From around-the-island swims and beach barbecues in the summer, to bonfire night fireworks and Christmas parties for the kids, you can sense the island’s community spirit the moment you set foot on the quay.

In the hands of the tide

Yet for all its remote beauty, island life can throw up its challenges. Every day is dictated by weather and tides. And when the sea covers the causeway and stormy waves roll in, the mainland – with its shops, pubs and support – can feel far, far away. 

Find out what islanders experience, living here day-to-day, learn more about the village and harbour’s rich history or plan your visit to experience life on the Mount for yourself.