Islanders Stories

Where every day is different…

Marriages, anniversaries, deaths and births. This is the story of the people who breathe life into our island.

Islanders today

Talk to those who grew up here and they’ll share stories of running the cobbled streets, swimming in the harbour, climbing the trees and riding to school in the back of a tractor in the ’87 storms. You’ll hear memories of how they watched moviemakers transform the island into Dracula’s lair for the 1979 film, or how someone fell in love with and married their island neighbour, before having children of their own. Whether planning a weekly shop or getting the children to school, it is a life planned around time and tide.


Our island future

But what is it that lures people to this remote island life, where freezers are stocked with milk and bread in case of storms and kids secretly wish for black flag days when the boats can’t run, so they don’t get to school? It’s community. It’s the love of the place. It’s the knowledge that you’re all in it together. It’s looking around in the morning stillness, anticipating the visitors who are yet to arrive, and knowing you play a part in making the Mount a unique experience. 

They’re the stewards of the Mount’s traditions, preserving its past, present and future.