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The Mount Memories Pass

Because the Mount is important to people not just in Marazion but across west Cornwall, every year 1,000 single use passes will be available to people who have a special emotional tie to the island or to mark a special occasion. Each pass will give a group of up to four people access to the castle and gardens for a one-off visit during opening hours. Applications for a Memories Pass will need to be made at least two weeks in advance explaining the special link or occasion.

The ideas to apply for a pass could include:

• A special emotional tie to the island e.g the applicant or a family member used to work on the island or were married on the island

• To mark an occasion e.g a wedding anniversary or significant birthday 

• To revive a happy memory e.g this could be as simple as having visited the island with a grandmother at a particular time of the year for a number of years

• To create a new memory e.g to propose to a partner or for parents to take children to the castle or garden for the first time

• To cheer up a loved one or a friend following a difficult time

We look forward to helping you make happy memories!

Key information:

  1. A pass provides access when we are open and opening hours vary throughout the year. See opening days and times here.
  2. Applications are by email only to Applications should include:

    a)Your name and full postal address

    b) The number in your party

    c) The reason that you feel you are eligible for a pass.
  3. Applications can only be made for the current season (ending Christmas 2022) and applications cannot be made any earlier than 1st March 2022 and the first pass will not be awarded until on or after 1st April 2022.
  4. Applications for 2023 and beyond will not be considered.
  5. We will aim to respond to your application within 5 working days but this will not always be possible due to the high volume of enquiries that we get. If you have not received confirmation by email that your application has been successful, you will not gain free access to St Michael’s Mount.
  6. Passes will be limited to 1,000 a year and 5 on any one day. If successful, a pass will be emailed to the applicant and they will be required to bring ID on the day of their visit.
  7. While subject to change, the castle is open from February half term to Christmas, but the days that it is open each week could vary. See here for further information. The garden is open on limited days per week between April and September. If the garden is not open on the day of your visit, access will not be made available and your Mount Memories Pass will only include access to the castle.
  8. In February, March, November and December the ferryboats don’t operate for visitors and access is on foot only across the cobbled causeway.
  9. Between 1st April and 31st October the ferryboats operate for the public during opening hours, subject to weather. The Mount Memories Pass does not include a boat ticket and these can be purchased in advance or on the day of your visit from our website for each of your party. Click here for boat tickets.
  10. The Mount Memories Pass does not include car parking fees. Click here for further information on car parking.
  11. Dogs are welcomed in the village and harbour during opening hours between 1st October and 31st March. All dogs should be kept on a lead. Dogs are not allowed onto the island between 1st  April and 30th September including the harbour and village. See our dog policy for further information by clicking here.
  12. Further information on the harbour and village can be found here and information on our shops and catering outlets.
  13. Our full Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.
  14. Cash alternatives are not available and the pass cannot be gifted to third parties.  
  15. This pass is designed for the people of west Cornwall, however, we appreciate that others have special memories of and links to St Michael’s Mount and applications from outside of west Cornwall will be considered.
  16. If you require further information or help, please email