Covid statement

19th July 2021

The Prime Minister’s announcement of the 12th July confirmed that the majority of Covid related social distancing and safeguarding measures can be removed from hospitality and tourism businesses.

For operations like St Michael’s Mount, the above is a significant step on the road to normality. However, it will take time for large parts of society to adjust to life where 2 metre social distancing or wearing a mask in certain indoor settings is no longer law.

Some of the team on the island are not yet ready to stop wearing a mask and you might see other Covid related measures still in place. We ask that you respect these measures and those members of staff or public who are reassured by their continued existence.

For everyone’s safety we will continue to action enhanced hygiene measures on the island e.g more frequent cleaning of areas open to the public. Wearing a mask is a personal choice for a visitor.

The last 18 months have been extraordinarily challenging for St Michael’s Mount and its people. We are proud of how the team has reacted to the pandemic and adapted to frequently changing policy. We will continue to support our staff as they adjust to the latest stage of the Government’s Covid roadmap.  

We hope that you enjoy your visit to St Michael’s Mount.

Harvey Thomas

Chief Executive Officer