Please note: tickets must be booked online and in advance of your visit. There are no boats, so the island is only open when the tide permits.


By Boat

There will be no public boats running until further notice.

Access to the island will only be on foot via the Causeway, and on select days and times we are open.

Please go to Causeway Times for a list of 2020 open dates and times.

The St Michael amphicraft arriving on Marazion beach

During the winter months, the St Michael amphicraft is the mode of transport at high tide.

The amphicraft departs from the slipway in Marazion Car Park. One way fares are £3.00 for adults and £1.50 for children.

The Mount’s amphibious vehicle was built 12 years ago by Sivad Maritime in Falmouth and was specifically commissioned by Lord St Levan to transport his family and the islanders to and from the island. It is a vital link during winter as the transport lifeline to ferry the island children to school, bring over provisions and indeed service the visitor business out of season. It was built to replace the old WWII DUKW’s that used to service the Mount for similar purposes.

Appropriately named ‘St Michael’ the vehicle is capable of carrying 46 visitors in anyone trip. The vessel has been a regular sight toing and froing between Marazion and the island. The ‘St Michael’ is maintained by our own boating team. Anything from changing a bulb to changing an engine. 

In 2006, Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex visited the Mount and Prince Edward tried his hand at driving it and in 2013 the vehicle carried two more special visitors when Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh enjoyed a trip to The Mount.

By ferry boat in the summer

Boating from the island to Marazion

Travel across the water by boat to reach the tidal island of St Michael's Mount

When the tide floods in, our boatmen will ferry you to and fro across the water to the island and back to the mainland. At high tide during spring, summer and autumn, frequent motorboats leave from landing points along the shore at Marazion for the Mount’s ancient harbour. Please see the map below that clearly marks out the three landing points.

Please note that our ferry boats ONLY take cash payment. One way fares are £2.00 for adults and £1.00 for children. Our island guides will let you know which landing point to use according to the tide.

The ferry boats can take 12 passengers at a time.

Map of how to get from Marazion to St Michael's Mount