FREE entry to the harbour village, shops, cafe and gallery from 01 October and 30 April

Opening Times 2023/24


From 01 November until 31 March the harbour village, Steward's House art gallery, shops and Island Cafe will be open and entry is free to all visitors. There are no public boats until 18 March, so the island can only be accessed if the causeway is open during business hours - see causeway times below. All dogs are welcomed during this time.

Please note: The castle will be closed for essential maintenance from 01 November until 18 March. When it reopens, tickets for the castle can be booked online and in advance. Assistance dogs only in the castle. 

Date Causeway Opens Causeway Closes
Thursday 30 November 2023 11:00 14:55
Friday 01 December 2023 11:45 15:25
Saturday 02 December 2023 closed closed
Sunday 03 December 2023 13:30 16:15
Monday 04 December 2023 closed closed
Date Thursday
Causeway Opens 11:00
Causeway Closes 14:55
Date Friday
Causeway Opens 11:45
Causeway Closes 15:25
Date Saturday
Causeway Opens closed
Causeway Closes closed
Date Sunday
Causeway Opens 13:30
Causeway Closes 16:15
Date Monday
Causeway Opens closed
Causeway Closes closed