We are only allowing access to St Michael's Mount through a ticket purchased online


Through Time & Tide


We're delighted to welcome visitors back to St Michael’s Mount. We're only allowing access to St Michael’s Mount through a ticket purchased online. 




Dogs are not permitted on the island at this time, but assistance dogs are welcome.

 A ticket to the garden terraces or castle will provide you with access to the island for the full duration that we are open on the day of your visit.  Although times vary, we'll be open for approximately four hours per day, when the tide is out, the causeway is uncovered by the sea and visitors can walk across to the island and back. Please see the schedule of open days and causeway open times HERE

Both the garden terraces and castle ticket have a timed element. This is the time you should be at the garden terraces or castle “checkpoint” and begin your tour of the terraces or castle. These times are important as they help us manage the flow of visitors in these areas so please don't be late.The timed element of the ticket only relates to entry to the one-way routes in the garden terraces and castle.  Please remember that once you've purchased your ticket and we are open, you can walk across to enjoy the island including the lawns, takeaways and shops. 

If you want to visit both the garden terraces and the castle you will have time to do that on the day of your visit, but you must purchase a separate ticket for each and at different times in the day. 

The main lawns are the perfect place to sit back and soak in the amazing views whilst enjoying food and drink from one of our takeaways. Our two shops are open and offer clothing, locally made products and more. 

We're following Government and industry guidelines to keep visitors, staff and those families that live on St Michael’s Mount safe. We've reduced numbers on the island, increased cleaning proceedures and introduced one-way routes in the garden terraces and castle to comply with social distancing measures. Face coverings are mandatory in all of our indoor spaces: the castle, the shops and the toilets.

Thank you in advance for adhering to social distancing rules. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Our Frequently Asked Questions have been updated to answer queries regarding a visit at this time.

How do I get there?

As a tidal island we’re 500 metres from the mainland, but getting here is easy…

Arriving at Marazion

By car, by bus, by bike – choose how to get here, pull into the town and look out to our beautiful island, set in the sweep of Mount’s Bay.

By foot or by boat

Walk out across the cobbled causeway or hop aboard a boat and in minutes you’ll be here.

Plan your visit

From guided tours to tide times, work out when to come and what to see to make the most of your visit.

Plan your visit