Mount Closure

St Michael’s Mount will be closed on Sunday 23 May.

St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island that is governed by the forces of nature and sometimes those forces work against us. During adverse weather conditions we sometimes have to close the island. We call these days 'Black Flag Days'.

In high winds it is not safe for the ferryboats that go between the mainland and St Michael’s Mount to operate. It is also not safe for visitors to access the castle via the entrance that is located in one of the highest and most exposed positions on the island. We only make a decision to cancel on the day before an event as the weather forecast can often change for the better in the days leading up to a particular date. In this instance the forecast has remained consistently poor with gusts currently forecast to be up to 50mph.

We appreciate that this cancellation will cause disappointment. We are disappointed too as we were excited to welcome you to the island.
A full refund will be made within 10 working days to the account from which payment was made. It is not possible to change your ticket for an alternative day.