FREE entry to the harbour village, shops, cafe and gallery from 01 October and 30 April


An ancient castle fortress, sloping subtropical gardens, sweeping lawns, and a harbour village. What will you discover first?

Our gardens, castle, lawns and village all provide perfect scope for the imagination – shaped and weathered over centuries, this extraordinary place is waiting to be explored.

The Castle - closed

The castle is now closed for essential winter maintenance until March 2024.

With shades of the past in…

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The Garden Terraces - closed

​The garden on St Michael’s Mount is now closed for the 2023 season.

The private gardens on St…

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The Church

The beating heart of St Michael’s Mount. On the footprint of the church built in 1135, and probably…

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The Harbour & Village

It’s thought that during classical times, the island formed a trading centre for the tin industry. More than…

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History and legends

Open your eyes and ears to the stories that rise on the tide: from the Archangel Michael to…

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The Steward’s House

The Steward’s House was built around 1815 to act both as a residence and an office for the…

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Sheila Hichens Collection

Visitors to St Michael’s Mount can view the Sheila Hichens Collection of Newlyn School art at the restored…

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St Michael’s Mount Live Webcam
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