Please book ahead of your visit - tickets available 8 weeks in advance. Click here to book online
PLEASE NOTE: Combi tickets are only available on Thursdays and Fridays when the garden is open


Make your journey across the sea: travel to and from St Michael’s Mount by boat. 

Our ferryboats operate between 1st April and 31st October. Before 1st April, access to the island is on foot only. See opening dates and times.

Make your journey across the sea: travel to and from St Michael’s Mount by boat.

St Michael’s Mount is a tidal island connected to the mainland by a causeway (a raised cobbled walkway on the sea bed). When the tide is high and water covers the causeway, you can also cross over by boat.

Getting to St Michael’s Mount by boat is a special and memorable experience. If this is something you would like to do then you need to book a ticket for the castle or garden when the causeway is closed and the boats are operating. Our booking system will also prompt you when a boat ticket is required. All boat tickets are single, one way tickets and can be used to travel to or from the Mount. You can’t travel by boat when the causeway is open.

You cannot access the island by boat unless you have a ticket to the castle and/or garden. Boat crossings take approximately ten minutes and you must arrive at the boat landing 30 minutes before your timed ticket to the castle and/or garden.

National Trust Members are required to pay the boat fare at the point of booking.

How to find our boats

Our boats will depart and return to one of three landing points on the mainland depending on the height of the tide – Chapel Rock, Gwelva and Top Tieb (see map). You can buy return boat tickets on the island. You will be directed to your boat landing by our guides on the day.

Approximate walking times to the landings from the main visitor/overflow car parks:

Please take these times into account when paying for parking.

Boat fares

One way boat fare:

Forgot your boat ticket?

You must book a boat ticket(s) in advance with your castle, garden or combi ticket, if it is required. If you've already booked your ticket to visit the island, but forgot to book a boat ticket, you can still book online now. We're sorry, but if you haven't pre-booked a boat ticket for your visit, you won't be able to board a boat on the day.

Returning to the mainland by boat

To paddle or not to paddle? That is the question.  If you don't fancy getting your feet wet, or you don't want to wait for the causeway to open, hop on a boat!

Return boat tickets are purchased on the day of your visit on the island, either on a smartphone or in one of our retail outlets, so there's no need to book these return tickets in advance.