Causeway times for St Michael's Mount

Whether it’s a sheen of sunlight on wet sand as the tide pulls back, or the waves splashing against the harbour wall – the Mount’s surroundings change with the tides. Which means the ways you can get here change too.

At low tide access to the island is via the causeway. Setting out from Marazion Beach, it takes just minutes to walk across the ancient cobbled causeway that stretches from the mainland to the island. 

Please use our handy causeway search to look up when the causeway will be open on the day of your visit. You will be able to search for all 2019 dates. 

During April - October, regular ferry boats depart from three landing points on the mainland. Our mainland guides in the car parks will be able to advise on which landing point the boats will be departing from. One way fares are £2.00 for adults and £1.00 for children.

Being a tidal island, life on the island is often dictated by the tide. To find out more information about how the tides work - Island Life: Josh Sedgeman & The Tides. 

Date Causeway Opens Causeway Closes Causeway Opens Causeway Closes
Sunday 23 June 2019 01:50 05:25 14:15 17:30
Monday 24 June 2019 02:45 06:05 15:15 18:00
Tuesday 25 June 2019 03:45 06:40 16:25 18:40
Wednesday 26 June 2019 04:50 07:30 17:30 19:35
Thursday 27 June 2019 05:50 08:35 18:20 20:45
Date Sunday
Causeway Opens 01:50
Causeway Closes 05:25
Causeway Opens 14:15
Causeway Closes 17:30
Date Monday
Causeway Opens 02:45
Causeway Closes 06:05
Causeway Opens 15:15
Causeway Closes 18:00
Date Tuesday
Causeway Opens 03:45
Causeway Closes 06:40
Causeway Opens 16:25
Causeway Closes 18:40
Date Wednesday
Causeway Opens 04:50
Causeway Closes 07:30
Causeway Opens 17:30
Causeway Closes 19:35
Date Thursday
Causeway Opens 05:50
Causeway Closes 08:35
Causeway Opens 18:20
Causeway Closes 20:45